About the Foodtrucks

Since Fall 2016, Food Trucks have been serving tasty lunchtime meals and snacks on the University of Nebraska's Campus. Serving food between 11am and 2pm the food trucks can be found in two locations across City Campus: , Coliseum Entrance, South of Avery Hall and two locations on East Campus: East Campus Mall and the College of Dentistry

Are you a food truck owner looking to get on campus? Complete the form below and contact Aaron Henry by email at ahenry3@unl.edu or by phone at 402-472-1778. With the campus having over 27,000 students and staff, we can help you broaden your customer base and gain more exposure in the Lincoln community.

Foodtrucks on Campus Today

City Campus Map

Map of UNL City Campus with pins: 1 at T Street, 2 at W Street, 3 at Y Street, 4 at the East entrance to the coliseum and 5 south of Avery Hall.
  • 1. T Street: No Foodtrucks Today
  • 2. W Street: No Foodtrucks Today
  • 3. Y Street: No Foodtrucks Today
  • 4. Coliseum Entrance: No Foodtrucks Today
  • 5. Avery Hall: No Foodtrucks Today
  • East Campus Map

    Map of UNL East Campus with pins: 6 at East Campus Loop and 7 at the College of Dentistry.
    • 6. East Campus Loop: No Foodtrucks Today
    • 7. College of Dentistry: No Foodtrucks Today
No Trucks Here Today